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Our Mission

 The Iron Bridge Agricultural Society is made up of volunteers.  Our focus is to improve the lives of the people living in our community.  


Celebrating 133 Years

Organized in 1887, is one of the first fairs held along the north shore. Farmers came from as far as 17 miles with team and wagon to the Fair which at that time was held across the highway from the present Fair grounds. Livestock was tied to fences along the road and sheep placed in small pens. The ladies work and other exhibits were displayed in the Orange hall away from the Fair grounds. Finally , in 1926, the Society purchased about three acres land from Nelson Warnock and in the same year let a contract to Mr. Davidson for $150. to erect a 30 x 60 foot hall. Lumber and other materials were donated or bought by the Society. This hall was enlarged to accommodated the school fair. It was across the highway from the original site.  


Karen El Khatami - Past President & Secretary
Debbie Kirby - President

Jane Armstrong - 1st Vice President

Vera Clearwater - 2nd Vice President


Myrna Barager

Rhonda Fischer

Sharon Lane

Anita Mitchell

Nancy Richards

Rita Smith

Samantha Richards - Social Media Secretary